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Our Toddler Programme inspired by

Reggio Emilia - 

An education based on relationships

We teach children lessons, manners, and social skills all through creative and preplanned play.

8 Key Areas of Development

Language & Literacy

Language skills are cultivated through engaging activities that encourage communication, storytelling, and language exploration, laying a strong foundation for effective communication.

Early Maths

Exploring mathematical concepts through interactive and hands-on experiences, we spark curiosity and a love for learning, making math a fun and engaging part of our program.

Creative Art

We encourage children to express their creativity through various art forms, allowing them to explore and develop their artistic talents in a supportive environment.

Social Emotion

We believe in the importance of social skill and offer various opportunities for children to engage in active play and promoting a social life.

Science Exploration

We approach science exploration with a sense of wonder and curiosity, allowing children to ask questions, make predictions, and draw their own conclusions. Encourage them to explore, experiment, and discover as they learn about the fascinating world of science.

Practical Life Skill

Practicing practical life skills in childcare is essential for helping children develop independence, confidence, and essential life skills that they will carry with them into adulthood. Some of the skills we incorporate in our programme are self-care skill, cleaning and tidying up.

Music & Movement

Music plays an integral part in our program, fostering an appreciation for different musical styles, rhythms, and sounds, while nurturing a love for music in every child.

Solving skill

Problem-solving skills are crucial for children's development, helping them navigate challenges, make decisions, and become more independent.

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