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We get out of bed in the morning to make a difference and see young lives transformed for the better! 

We create an environment where your child feels loved, valued, safe and free to develop to their full potential while providing you peace of mind.

We love to work with and support you on this amazing adventure called parenting



Make your Fussy Eater

to Happy Eater

Picky or fussy eating is a common problem all parents face at some point often making mealtimes a misery. In most cases it's just a phase but that doesn’t make it any easier to deal with and many parents become stressed when food is refused. 

Children spend most of their time in the centre and therefore we are very concern about what kind of food we serve to the children.

When planning our menus, in addition to nutritious food choices, we also consider the cooking method, colour, tastes and textures.

Improve your child's social skill

We will help the child develop social skills through interactions with teachers and friends, adding to the circle of people they know. At a very young age in the only people that they have interactions with are their parents and some close relatives and friends. This means that children have very limited options when it comes to building relationships.

At Casa Bambini Early Childcare Centre, they can expand their social boundaries and learn how to interact with other people, such as the educators and other children. Without their parents watching them, they learn to trust those who are not part of their family, setting the framework for how their future social interactions will take place.

Guide them on practical life skills

Teaching skills to children can be an important first step in managing their behaviour. For example, if your child doesn’t know how to set the table, she might refuse to do it – because she can’t do it. The solution? Teaching her how.

There are three key ways we can help children learn everything from basic self-care (e.g: self feeding, drinking water from cup, toilet trained) to more complicated social skills:

  • instructions

  • modelling

  • step by step.

Creating the perfect environment for an all-round education

Our curriculum focuses on all the development areas such as social, language and literacy, early maths, art & craft, physicl movement, music & movement, science, dramatic play and more.

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