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We get out of bed in the morning to make a difference and see young lives transformed for the better! 

We create an environment where your child feels loved, valued, safe and free to develop to their full potential while providing you peace of mind.

We love to work with and support you on this amazing adventure called parenting


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Our Philosophy

Building Connections, Fostering Trust, Embracing Sincerity

At our childcare center, we believe that the foundation of a child's growth and development lies in the connections they form, the trust they build, and the sincerity with which they are cared for. Our philosophy revolves around creating a warm and nurturing environment where children feel valued, supported, and understood.

Parent Reviews

Having visited many daycare centers and after sending my children to a few previously, I have to say that Casa Bambini is the best of them all.
We truly appreciate the transparency of the management of Casa Bambini KD which has kept us parents updated daily regarding our child’s well-being and all that is happening at the center via a very convenient app and WhatsApp.
The open communication between teachers and parents has definitely forged a trust that reassured us every time we dropped our child off in the morning.
The dedication and love shown by the teachers in caring for our child (despite him being a handful) has never stopped since Day 1. They strive to care for our child in every aspect and is always willing to work hand-in-hand with us.
So thank you Ms Natalie and teachers of Casa Bambini KD. We wish you all the very best and do continue the good work that you have started!

Natheniel's mom

Natheniel's mom

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